SAYMON Pricing Plans

SAYMON Cloud OneSAYMON Cloud BasicSAYMON Cloud Advanced
$350 per month$700 per monthContact sales
General scope
Up to 3 usersUp to 15 usersAs much as needed
Up to 100 objectsUp to 1000 objectsAs much as needed
Up to 1000 metricsUp to 10000 metricsAs much as needed
Alerting and Automation
Unlimited Email AlertsUnlimited Email AlertsUnlimited Email Alerts
Up to 1000 Text/SMS AlertsAs much as needed
Up to 1 Automated ActionAs much as needed
Data Automations (ML/AI)
Up to 1 metric
Prediction Model
As much as needed
Up to 1 metric
Anomaly Control Model 
As much as needed
Behaviour Patterns Identification 
Automated Root Cause Analysis 
To conclude a contract, please contact